Our services will include:

Providing you with feasibility studies and analysis of any site you might consider

We will work with your design team on laying out floor plans, finishing packages, amenities and finding the maximum value in the design process that will be driven by marketing

We will design branding, advertising and marketing campaign for strategic positioning and exposure in the market place and with the brokerage communities.

We will provide most qualified sales and admin staff to operate on site or model sales office.

We will work with all professionals representing you and the project on coordinating all sales activities, negotiations, financing and legal in accordance with the offering plans.

We will accompany and partner with you from concept to completion on every step of the way with no exceptions from the time you consider the investment to the time of celebrating our sold out events.

Additional Limited Services

Should you consider using our resources on a more limited basis feel free to contact us:

at 313.407.6265

or email us at info@lifeinsiderealty.com